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​Decolonized Community Immersions Inspired by Reiki

Replacing Colonial-Capitalist

"Reiki Certification Intensives" 


Sacred Energy Immersions


"Levels" 1 + 2

Sacred Practitioner Immersion 

 "Levels" 3 + 4

Sacred Witness Immersion 



Sacred Energy Immersions ARE for you if

Sacred Energy Immersions are NOT for you if



Immersions include themed modules, group practice, a private 1:1, and supported home play and rituals that will integrate sacred energy and palm healing into your daily life

Sacred Practitioner Cohort

Sacred Witness Cohort

Energy Circles


Attend from anywhere via live Zoom workshops, the interactive online portal + an optional Signal group chat. Each cohort will also have small groups for connection in between sessions.

Sacred Practitioner

Sacred Witness

Which option is best for me?

The Sacred Practitioner Immersion is ideal for folks primarily focused on beginning or deepening a personal practice, navigating a life change, and working with family, friends and 1:1 with clients. This course is ideal for folks looking to begin the foundations of an anticolonial practice and how to make their spiritual practice ancestrally informed and rooted in purpose. This will include shedding practices that are not right for you and finding the cosmologies and frameworks that are truly yours to dive into without perpetuating harm. The Sacred Witness Immersion is ideal for folks who already have a significant working relationship with Sacred Energy in their personal lives (Reiki, Prana, Ase, etc) and have already begun cultivating regular ritual work and spiritual practice. This is also for people who have already done the foundational work of decolonizing their spiritual practice. This course creates a container for folks looking to strengthen their understanding of the inner teacher and to skillfully disempower the ego for deeper practice. Sacred Witness is also for space holders (anybody working 1:1 or in community clients), and/or for those looking to step into or improve their existing leadership roles as such as mentors, therapists, educators, facilitators & trainers. You can sign up for Sacred Practitioner and Sacred Witness separately or together. If applying only for Sacred Witness, then a minimum 6 months of community practice is expected before beginning Sacred Witness

Virtual Meeting Details

**If you are looking for a Reiki training completely rooted in Japanese Shintoism, please check out Marika Clymer's Energetic Soveriegnty Offering. This course presences Japanese context and includes Japanese facilitators, but is not centered on Shintoism.


Unfamiliar with Reiki? Read a little about it here.


Rest In Power offers two unique Sacred Energy Immersions that use the principles of decolonization to expand beyond the traditional 1-day Reiki certifications that hold the principals of patriarchal teaching and learning far too dear. This approach lets you discover and / or refine your own authentic practice, with the cosmologies of Reiki serving either as your own path or as a bridge to your energetic Truth.

Why am I called to this?

Will I get a Reiki Certificate?

What anchors this course?

We learn and share in accordance with the needs of the mind-body-spirit.

​Therefore, we emphasize:

  • immersions over intensives
  • embodiment over memorization
  • multi-directional, community learning over patriarchal master teaching
  • equitable relationships over accomplishments
  • forever-learning over levels or instant mastery
  • decolonization over assimilation
  • anti-oppression over delusions of supremacy
  • unique combinations of personal gifts over expected expressions of patriarchal practice

We are no longer here to quickly induct you into colonized Reiki Capitalism!​


Therefore, we emphasize:

  • Curating a unique practice over time that reflects your spiritual gifts and divine purpose.
  • Developing a personal relationship with Sacred Energy and learning to embody your connection to Sacred Energy
  • Understanding palm healing as it fits into your unique personal practice
  • Learning to ritualize your own life with Sacred Energy as the catalyst
  • Connecting deeply with  guides, ancestors, angels, spirits, saints, etc
  • Integrating your expanded knowledge into your daily life, with ongoing support

 We want to change the nature of Sacred Energy Education on Turtle Island


Therefore, we emphasize:

  • Honoring Reiki's roots as an animist tradition and spiritual practice beyond palm healing
  • Reiki is respected as a cosmology that can lead us into our own authentic ancestral practice (within or outside of Reiki cosmology)
  • Decolonization + Antiracism throughout
  • Respectful Integration of additional energy practices that are aligned with your ancestral guidance.
  • Community Responsibility as a practitioner, leader and holder of sacred space 

We want to increase accessibility & diversity of experience.



Therefore, we emphasize:

  • Your unique spiritual path curated in concert with your Guides and Ancestors, your gifts, and your soul purpose.
  • Pricing is sliding scale and scholarships are available
  • Instead of individual attunements, we will collectively attune each other as a cohort.
  • At the conclusion of the course, we will have a community endorsement ceremony to replace patriarchal "certification." Cohort members who trust your growth and believe in your responsible practice can co-sign your community endorsement


Sacred Practitioner

  • Establish your personal, ancestrally-guided relationship with Sacred Energy

  • ​Empower yourself, strengthen intuition & begin curating a team of spiritual guides

  • Integrate palm healing + sacred energy with decolonization + anti-oppression 

  • Prepare to offer palm healing + sacred energy to yourself, friends, family & clients (paid, unpaid or other exchange).

Sacred Energy Practitioner

Sacred Witness

  • Embody ego dissolution, disempower attachments + refine practices accordingly

  • Understand coalition building across energy traditions and ancestral lineages

  • Refine your role as a responsible practitioner, space-holder, or leader 

  • Curate your own decolonized, trauma-informed space holding practice (personal or professional) 

Sacred Energy Witness

*Note: In Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki Immersions, attunements are considered to be community initiation rituals, NOT master-student empowerment rituals. You are naturally attuned to Reiki and you do not require a Master to empower your connection. However, community initiations are part of most ancestral pre-colonial spiritual traditions, and many people enjoy and appreciate the sacred ceremony. Attunements are optional. They will be taught as a module in both immersions, with emphasis on responsibly leading them in the Sacred Witness immersion, should you choose to continue the tradition in a decolonized way.


The below modules are subject to change. Most will be led by Zel, and some will be led by guest teachers.

Modules with an ^ are Sacred Practitioner and modules with a * are Sacred Teacher




*During the 2 weeks in between group-study weekends, participants will be offered fun rituals, spiritual practices, explorations, readings + activities that can help embody Reiki and integrate the wisdom of Reiki into the very being and daily life -- we each will approach our relationship with Reiki differently depending on our contexts and unique soul purposes. These are optional, and the degree to which participants engage depends on their own intentions for growth and embodiment!



They/Them or He/Him Pronouns

Primary Facilitator

Zel (they/them) is the founder of Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki and the primary facilitator of the Sacred Energy Immersions. Zel is a Black, Queer, NonBinary-Trans* Sacred Energy Worker. They hold a "Master Teacher" certification in Reiki (though they challenge the "title") and a M.S.Ed in Social Justice Education. They are an eRYT-200 Yoga Teacher with 500hrs in training, and they have completed certifications in Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Zel also offers Sound healing and private coaching in yogic anti-racism. Zel leads workshops, classes, panels & private sessions for colonized/minoritized folks everywhere. They combine their passion for the healing arts with training + experience in anticolonial education to support their personal mission of nourishing the trees that bear the fruits of freedom. Catch them on IG @restinpoweryogareiki

Meet our Team

Guest teachers include BI/PoC Folx with certifications, licensure, and community experience in Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Birthwork, Ancestral Veneration & Psychology


Ayurveda + Yoga Educator

Reiki Practitioner + Training Assistant


Traditional Japanese Reiki Educator
decolonial energetic healing teacher


Licensed Therapist &

Yoga and Reiki Guide


At the beginning of the year (2020) I started feeling this pull from spirit to learn Reiki. Then everything fell together when I was referred to Zel. I adore Zel and their teaching style. They make learning engaging, impactful and fun! I am so happy that we were brought together because they reminded us to honor the land we worked on and the culture that Reiki emerged from. I fully recommend them and any service you're considering. You'll be happy you did.


One of my most favorite parts I experienced with the course was the part where we got to dance! I’m often very aware when I feel uncomfortable of my body or when I’m holding back, but this exercise showed me where I needed to let go and where I didn’t feel as confident in. I think the adjustments that you’re making with the future Reiki classes and breaking them up into multiple days is amazing, a great way to improve the class :)


"I wouldn't have changed a single thing about my experience. The container that Zel held for the collective community was thoughtful, detailed, and cared for with so much love. I hope that anyone reading this knows that you'll be in a safe space should you choose to utilize Zel's services or participate in a course. You won't regret it!! I was definitely more sensitive receiving Reiki (virtually) but it was received very well (emotions included). I know that as I continue to build my practice I will continue to use Zel's guidance to honor and decolonize this ancient reiki practice.​"



Participation is by approved application.

​Need a scholarship? Fill out the scholarship/energy-exchange questions in the application.

To apply for both, select the Practitioner Application


Courses are priced on a sliding scale to demonstrate their base value* and their thriving community value* (see below).

​$900​ - $1550

​$1250​ - $1800


​$2000​ - $3300


Scholarship + Energy Exchange Applications are built into the standard application, and are available to BI/PoC, Queer/Trans humxns, dis/abled humxns, + folx experiencing poverty or acute financial hardship. All scholarships are partial, and include an energy exchange (for example, submitting public reviews, video testimonials, an evergreen social media post, and other options).

Are you ready for a life-opening immersion?

Only you can answer that question! Cultivating and refining relationship to the awesome power of Sacred Energy and learning to navigate the world aware of your ability to tap into the wealth of the multi-verse at any moment is indeed life-changing. It cracks open hearts and forges new pathways.

However, if you have more questions that need answering in order to be able to answer this question: Am I Ready? You can always schedule a free 20 min consultation call with Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki founder, Zel Amanzi here: 

  • 265 S Western Ave #743157

    Los Angeles, CA 90004


  • (213) 542 0742 (Text Only)

Rest in Power Yoga and Reiki LLC was born of a growing collective desire to leverage yoga and energetic practice as foundations for Black & Indigenous liberation, sacred energy consciousness and decolonization, and therefore the foundation for everyone’s liberation from an anti-Black + still-colonial world.


Rest in Power Yoga and Reiki supports you in finding the rest that you need to
​wake up to your own divinity, shed your limiting falsehoods and live as your most powerful self.

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