"Zel" Amanzi

(They / He)

BlacQueer Nonbinary Trans*

Sacred Energy


Facilitator & Spiritual Reader


Writer & Space Holder


Rooted in Ancestral Ritual and formally trained in Yoga, Reiki & Meditation

What People Are Saying

Zel - a staple person in LA healing. A fresh, young voice with an old soul. I was coaxed to calmness from Zel’s voice and bowls. Like an instant chill pill as soon as I’m around them!

Liz McLean (She/Her)

Image ID: A photo of Liz sitting outside on a white patterned blanket with crystal sound bowls. She wears pink sweatpants, a grey sweatshirt and holds her small white dog, who also wears a pink sweatshirt

Image ID: A photo of  Uma , a bald Black woman,  in modified mermaid pose. She is outside on a wooden platform and a white yoga mat. Behind her is an orange wall, and a yellow planter with a large leafed green plant. The photo has a thick black border.

Zel is amazing with directing intention and welcoming deep work in a way that leaves you feeling lifted. They have created a space open to all experiences and expressions of life, allowing one to feel supported while being authentic and healing. Integrating multiple approaches of yoga, reiki and sound healing, RIPY&R is a safe heaven for embodied living.

Uma Behati (She/Her)

Zel is a compassionate, detail oriented, and insightful practitioner. They have helped me to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness... It's clear that Zel is well versed in the traditional world of yoga, and has been a wonderful guide in increasing my understanding of several yogic practices, especially meditation. Zel's offerings are carefully curated and very high quality - their formal training in education is quite clear from their classes and teachings. Zel's direct involvement with historically disenfranchised communities makes their offerings even more profound and accessible.

Caylee Clay (She/They)

Image ID: A photo of  Caylee, a white nonbinary person wearing a floral button-up, collared vest and holding white bowls and plates with food in both hands. Behing them is a a grey wall with a plant and a print of the Hokusai Great Wave.

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