About Rest In Power

Rest in Power was born of a growing collective desire to fully understand our relationships with Sacred Energy as a pathway for Black and Queer liberation & structural decolonization, and therefore the key to everyone’s liberation from an anti-Black + still-colonial world.


Reclamation of Healing

Illusion of Dualities

Call forth the Ancestors


Harnessing the powers of Reiki, Yoga, Sound Healing, Ancestral Rituals & Spirit Channeling, Rest in Power touches that part of each of us that holds no fear, that sees with clarity, that knows itself – and knows that it knows  and that loves the divine in each of us without restriction.

Rest in Power supports you in finding the rest that you need to
​wake up to your own divinity, shed your limiting falsehoods and live as your most powerful self.

About The Founder


I'm Zel (pronouns: they/them/their or he/him/his). 


I'm a Black, neurodivergent (Autistic+ADHD), queer and nonbinary-Trans* survivor living with cPTSD. Professionally, I am a Sacred Energy Educator, Intuitive Practitioner, Anticolonial Space Holder. Beyond that, I'm also an artist, poet, writer and crafter. I'm grateful for the ways in which my identities and lived experiences direct my compassion and empathy toward multiply marginalized folx and allied co-conspirators.


​I move through this lifetime with an unconventional perspective, an alchemical lens and a dedication to the sacred connection between Self + Source. I didn't know how to tap into the powerful lenses of my unmasked identities until I dedicated myself to the study of my relationship to Sacred Energy, Ancestral Practice, the focused embodiment of my divine purpose, and anti-colonial and disability justice frameworks.


My spiritual practices and colonial divestment practices have allowed me to overcome enormous obstacles toward the manifestation of my highest self, not least of which is learning to thrive in a world designed quite literally to silence and kill me (and those like me).


My goal is to help you do the same.

My soul’s divine purpose is to nourish the trees that bear the fruits of freedom. I build sacred + radical-anticolonial communities that harness ancestral relationship to accelerate collective healing and ignite fearless creative expression. I'm here to help you walk in alignment with your purpose and in the guidance of your Spirits and Ancestors, while holding space and creating containers for your deepest, most vulnerable and most powerful remembrance of our collective birthright: Pure Consciousness as intrinsic liberation.

After a decade following a less-than-aligned path, I started Rest In Power to help you


cultivate peace,

activate inner power,

and experience emancipation.


I am grateful for my years as a classroom teacher, a food sovereignty community organizer and community gardener for my deep understanding of systemic colonization. I attribute much of my wisdom and growth to these prior professional lifetimes.

Fun fact: I find total freedom in travel. It is one of my greatest material and spiritual privileges. I have a goal to visit every "country" in the world.

So far, I'm 23 countries in.

~ Zel

Master of Science in Education - Social Justice Education

Registered Yoga Teacher - e-RYT200 / YACEP

Reiki Master Sacred Teacher

Yoga Nidra and Meditation

What People Are Saying

"Zel is truly a light. It’s difficult to find healers who are warm, caring, intersectional, and grounded. Zel is all of those things and knows how to hold space for people of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. I felt so safe, held, and am very excited to continue learning from them!"

Lena Zell, Meditation Participant

"Zel held a wonderful meditation and was a calming presence from start to finish. It was the longest meditation I had ever done and I didn't want it to end! They are a great facilitator as well, and guided us gently through the whole experience."

Terhys Persad, Meditation Participant

"I am beyond grateful to Zel for opening up their space to me. Their energy and warm welcome made me feel like I was being wrapped in a safe embrace. I was immediately comforted and comfortable. And to say that the theme resonated with me would be an understatement!! I'm a Queer, non-binary trans person and it's incredibly difficult to feel safe being myself - and I feel safe in Zel's space."

Bunnie Rogers, Meditation + Energy Circle Participant

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