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Rest in Power was born of a growing collective desire to leverage our relationships with sacred energy as a pathway for Black and Queer liberation & general decolonization, and therefore the tool for everyone’s liberation from an anti-Black + still-colonial world


Rest in Power calls for the reclamation of healing in the global consciousness as a series of anti-colonial & ancient systems cultivated and nurtured for the express purpose of spiritual liberation.

The name Rest in Power plays with the illusion of dualities, using the tools of
physical, psychological, and emotional stillness to access and manifest the innate power within each of us.

The name also calls forth the ancestors of marginalized people, those who died without the privilege of consistent inner peace and/or extrinsic power. May our healing honor their power(s).


Harnessing the powers of intuitive practice (including palm healing, classical yoga, sound healing, Ancestral rituals & Spirit channeling) Rest in Power touches that part of each of us that holds no fear, that sees with clarity, that knows itself – and knows that it knows  and that loves the divine in each of us without restriction.

Rest in Power supports you in finding the rest that you need to
​wake up to your own divinity, shed your limiting falsehoods and live as your most powerful self.


Our Founder


"Zel" Amanzi

Sacred Energy



Space Holder

Founder + CEO

Black AF | Queer AF

Here for Radical Realignment

About Zel

Hi :) I'm Zel (pronouns: they/them/their or he/him/his). I'm a Black, queer and nonbinary-Trans* Sacred Energy Educator, Intuitive Practitioner, and Space Holder.

​I move through this lifetime with an unconventional perspective, an alchemical lens and a dedication to the sacred connection between Self + Source. My soul’s divine purpose is to nourish the trees that bear the fruits of freedom. I build sacred + radical-anticolonial communities that harness ancestral power, accelerate collective healing, and ignite fearless creative expression. I'm here to help you walk in alignment with your purpose and in the guidance of your Spirits and Ancestors, while holding space and creating containers for your deepest, most vulnerable and most powerful remembrance of our collective birthright:

Pure Consciousness as intrinsic liberation.

After a decade following a less-than-aligned path, I started Rest In Power to help you cultivate peace, activate inner power, and experience emancipation. I am grateful for my years as a classroom teacher, a food sovereignty community organizer and community gardener for my deep understanding of systemic colonization. I attribute much of my wisdom and growth to these prior professional lifetimes.


Fun fact: I find total freedom in travel and have a goal to visit every "country" in the world. So far, I'm 23 countries in.

~ Zel

Master of Science in Education - Social Justice Education

Registered Yoga Teacher - e-RYT200 / YACEP

Reiki Master Sacred Educator

Yoga Nidra and Meditation


Projects, Collaborations + Offerings

Queer Projects

Trans Yoga Project

I'm a founding member of this collective of Trans* and NonBinary yoga educators offering educational workshops for cis-friends and healing spaces for trans* sibs.

Queer Collabs

Cuties LA

A Black Queer owned, totally queer-centered virtual community space. Catch me monthly for virtual meditation.


Free: Heart Healing and Clarity of Purpose Self-Guided Mini Online Course

Listen to short guided breathing exercises designed to support you in cultivating a heart-centered purpose statement, one you can use in your day to day life to align your actions with your unique soul purpose and beginning manifesting your highest Self, rather than living at the mercy of your ego and thoughts.

Decolonized Sacred Energy Immersions

Are you drawn to Reiki, palm healing, Sacred/Divine Energy, but uncertain where to start or with whom to study? Do you have rightful concerns about studying a ancestrally Asian healing systems from people who have no roots in Japan or understanding of decolonization? Then these immersions will feel like home to you! We go well beyond the typical 1-day Reiki trainings rooted in patriarchy and cultural misappropriation. All teachers are BIPoC, including Japanese guest teachers. These multi-month immersions include modules on mental health, anti-oppression, and ritual. They also include mini affinity cohorts, a private 60 min 1:1 with Zel, and an equitable community endorsement ceremony.


What People Are Saying

Zel - a staple person in LA healing. A fresh, young voice with an old soul. I was coaxed to calmness from Chris’ voice and bowls. Like an instant chill pill as soon as I’m around them!

Liz McLean

Zel is amazing with directing intention and welcoming deep work in a way that leaves you feeling lifted. They have created a space open to all experiences and expressions of life, allowing one to feel supported while being authentic and healing. Integrating multiple approaches of yoga, reiki and sound healing, RIPY&R is a safe heaven for embodied living.

Uma Behati

Zel is a compassionate, detail oriented, and insightful practitioner. They have helped me to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness, and to understand ways that my current thought patterns and habits may be self-limiting. It's clear that Chris is well versed in the traditional world of yoga, and has been a wonderful guide in increasing my understanding of several yogic practices, especially meditation. Zel's offerings are carefully curated and very high quality - their formal training in education is quite clear from their classes and teachings. Zel's direct involvement with historically disenfranchised communities makes their offerings even more profound and accessible.

Caylee Clay

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